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Solar with Justice: Recommendations for State Governments

January 29, 2020

1:00pm — 2:00pm ET

This webinar will present the findings and recommendations from a new report that are especially relevant to state policymakers and program managers. Solar with Justice: Strategies for Powering Up Under-Resourced Communities and Growing an Inclusive Solar Economy was produced by a team from the Clean Energy States Alliance, the Jackson State University Department of Urban & Regional Planning, the Partnership for Southern Equity, PaulosAnalysis, the University of Michigan School for Environment & Sustainability, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, and The Solutions Project.

After members of the team give a brief overview of the report and describe case studies of model programs by state agencies, they will discuss the recommendations for actions that state governments can take to ensure solar empowers under-resourced communities and provides tangible financial and wealth-building benefits. More than 90 policymakers, community group leaders, solar experts, and energy equity advocates were interviewed as part of the research for the report.


  • Berneece Herbert, Chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Jackson State University
  • Warren Leon, Executive Director, CESA
  • Nate Hausman, Project Director, CESA (moderator)