Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Webinar: Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Technology and State Policy

September 28, 2010

3:00pm — 4:30pm Eastern

As hydrogen fuel cell technology continues to advance, fuel cells are becoming an increasingly viable way to provide reliable, pollution-free electricity. Although the cost of fuel cell technology remains a barrier, costs are declining and many states have created policies to help drive development and reduce costs further. Fuel cells are seen as a clean way to provide dependable backup or primary power for emergency call centers, hospitals, airports, police stations, telecommunications towers and other types of buildings or equipment.  This webinar explores the current state of fuel cell technology, cost trends and state policies that have been effective in promoting fuel cell use.


  • Jennifer Gangi, Program Director, Fuel Cells 2000 (slides)
  • Patrick Serfass, Technology Transition Corporation (TTC) (slides)
  • Tim Lipman, UC Berkeley (slides)
  • Joel Rinebold, Director of Energy Initiatives, CT Center for Advanced Technology (slides)

Download the webinar recording here.

Categories: Policy, Finance, Technology

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