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States have a vested interest in promoting a fair and competitive marketplace for solar consumers. They can play an important role in ensuring that distributed solar electricity remains consumer friendly.

CESA has produced a variety of resources to give states guidance on solar consumer protection issues. Through the Sustainable Solar Education Project, a two-year, U.S. Department of Energy-supported project which concluded in 2018, CESA provided information to state and municipal officials on topics related to strengthening solar equitability, improving consumer information, and implementing consumer protection measures. Under the project, CESA produced a report and three guides on topics related to solar consumer protection:

CESA has also produced a suite of materials directly for solar consumers—resources that state governments have used and adapted for solar consumers in their jurisdictions.

In 2018, CESA conducted an in-person workshop for state officials on solar consumer protection. Arising out of this workshop, CESA established a listserv for state officials to share information, resources, and ideas related to solar consumer protection.

CESA continues to track and engage on solar consumer protection issues. If you have questions about CESA’s ongoing solar consumer protection efforts or its solar consumer protection listserv, contact CESA Project Director Nate Hausman at