Project Director: Todd Olinsky-Paul, Lewis Milford

Contact: Todd Olinsky-Paul,

Clean Energy Group, CESA's sister nonprofit, has initiated a project to work with states and municipalities seeking to become more energy resilient in the face of climate change and severe weather. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy and other extreme weather events across the country, many public officials want to act now to mitigate damage from future storms or other major disruptions to the grid. Clean Energy Group is working to promote new clean energy technologies and business models for resilient power.

States and localities are already investing in local, clean power generation and are also looking for ways to reduce the vulnerabilities from the grid. But they want to do more. The task that remains is to harness these individual interests and channel them into smarter, coordinated, more aggressive investment in resilient power at the regional and national levels. A focused project on resilient power is needed now.

Creating more resilient power systems will require creative financing tools and new business models. They are needed to promote more economically sound uses for distributed generation that remain responsive during storms, to protect citizens and communities from experiencing long periods of time without power.

Working through Clean Energy Group's Resilient Power Project, CESA staff will work to help states and localities learn from each other while gaining knowledge about new financing options. Through the project, CEG and CESA will work with states to develop new partnerships, support new public funding tools, connect public officials with private industry, and support greater investment in power resiliency.

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