The list below includes links and descriptions for the most recent annual reports and compliance reports for all the states with either mandatory or voluntary RPSs. If you are aware of newer editions of any of these reports or you know of something that has inadvertently been left off of this list, please write to

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Utility EPS/REST Compliance Reports (Calendar Year 2014)
April 2015

Each regulated utility in Arizona is required to submit an annual report explaining its compliance with the state's Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST). There are nine regulated utilities in Arizona, each of which submitted its own data for calendar year 2014.


Renewable Portfolio Standard Annual Reports

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is required to report annually to the state legislature on IOU progress toward their RPS goals and substantive actions taken to achieve those goals. The two reports that are required annually have information on 1)  RPS program cost savings and 2)  progress and status of the RPS program. These two reports, and past RPS reports, are available at the link above.

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Black Hills/Colorado Electric Utility Company 2016 Renewable Energy Compliance Report
June 2017

Black Hills Energy, one of two investor-owned utilities in the state, produced an Renewable Energy Standard compliance report for the year 2016.

Grand Valley Rural Power Lines, Inc.'s 2016 Annual Compliance Report
May 2017

This report covers renewable energy standard compliance year 2016 for Grand Valley Rural Power Lines, Inc., a Colorado cooperative electric association. 

Xcel Energy 2016 Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Report
June 2017

Xcel Energy, one of two investor-owned utilities in the state, produced this annual Renewable Energy Standard compliance report for the year 2016.

Holy Cross Energy's Renewable Energy Standards 2016 Annual Compliance Report
May 2017

Holy Cross Energy, a Colorado cooperative electric association, produced this annual Renewable Energy Standard compliance report for the year 2016.

Mountain View Electric Association 2013 Compliance Report
May 2014

In compliance with the passage of the Colorado Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), this letter serves as Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.'s report of meeting its 2013 RPS requirement as outlined in Rule 3662.

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Annual Review of Connecticut Electric Suppliers’ and Electric Distribution Companies’ Compliance With Connecticut’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards In the Year 2013
December 2015

In this document, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority of Connecticut reviews and determines the electric suppliers’ and electric distribution companies’ compliance with the Connecticut renewable portfolio standards in the year 2013.

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Update From the RPS Subcommittee
November 2010

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation produced this unofficial report on the success of Delaware’s RPS.

Delmarva Power & Light 2015 RPS Compliance Report
September 2016

This update to the Retail Electric Supplier’s RPS Compliance Report covers the Energy Year June 1 2015 through May 31 2016 for the Delaware customers of the Delmarva Power & Light Company.

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 District Of Columbia

Report on the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard for Compliance Year 2016
May 2017

The Public Utilities Commission of Washington D.C. produces an annual report on the District’s RPS.

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Hawaiian Electric Company, Hawai'i Electric Light Company, and Maui Electric Light Company's Renewable Portfolio Standard Status Report for Year Energy 2016
March 2017

This is the Renewable Portfolio Standard Status Report for the year ended December 31, 2016 for Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc., Hawai'i Electric Light Company, Inc. and Maui Electric Company, Limited.

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative's 2016 Annual Renewable Portfolio Standards Status Report
April 2017

Report to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.

Hawaii Gas Annual Renewable Energy Annual Report for 2016
March 2017

The Gas Company LLC, dba Hawaii Gas (Hawaii Gas) has prepared this Renewable Energy Annual Report for the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) §269-45.

Report to the Legislature on the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission Review of Hawaii's Renewable Portfolio Standard
December 2013

This Report provides information regarding the status, effectiveness, and achievability of Hawaii’s current RPS targets.

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Annual Report: The Costs and Benefits of Renewable Resource Procurement in Illinois Under the Illinois Power Agency and Illinois Public Utilities Acts (2016)
April 2016

The data and analyses contained in this report, submitted by the Illinois Power Agency, provide insight into the impacts of Illinois’ Renewable Portfolio Standards on electricity consumers and on the State overall, as well as policy guidance on future renewable resource procurement activity.

Illinois Power Agency Annual Report
February 2017

The Illinois Power Agency produced this annual report on the agency's operations and transactions in fiscal year 2016, including the quantity, price, and rate impact of all renewable resources purchased under the electricity procurement plans for electric utilities.

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2016 Indiana Renewable Energy Resources Study
September 2016

Indiana does not have a mandatory RPS, thus there are no compliance reports. The link above includes information on renewable energy generation in Indiana.

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Annual Report
September 2016

Indiana's voluntary clean energy portfolio standard program ("Indiana CHOICE") is regulated by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). The IURC annual report includes data regarding the states’ utilities and their supply, rates, and infrastructure.


Order Approving Facilities and Associated Capacities, Adopting Requirements for M-RETS participation, and Requiring Report
November 2007

Iowa’s Department of Commerce's issued an order Utility Board approving the proposed facilities for the RPS by Interstate Power and Light Co. and MidAmerican Energy Co (the two investor owned utilities required to use renewable energy under RPS).

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Kansas Corporation Commission Report on Electric Supply and Demand

The Kansas Corporation Commission is required to compile a report regarding electric supply and demand for all electric utilities in Kansas. This report is required to include: (1) Generation capacity needs and (2) system peak capacity needs and (3) renewable generation needs associated with the 2009 Kansas renewable energy standards.

Retail Rate Impact Report 2016

In a very brief annual report, the Kansas Corporation Commission identifies the retail rate impact of the RPS.

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Annual Report on New Renewable Resource Portfolio Requirement: Report on 2015 Activity
March 2017

The Maine Public Utilities Commission reports annually on general compliance with the RPS.


Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Report with Data for Calendar Year 2015
January 2017

The Public Service Commission of Maryland produces an annual report detailing compliance.


Massachusetts Renewable and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS & APS) Annual Compliance Report for 2014
May 2016

Massachusetts’ Department of Energy Resources (DOER) in the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs produces an annual report detailing RPS compliance.

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Report on the Implementation of the P.A. 295 Renewable Energy Standard and the Cost-Effectiveness of the Energy Standards
February 2017

This annual report is submitted by the Michigan Public Service Commission.


Minnesota Renewable Energy Standard: Utility Compliance
January 2017

The Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources offers the following report on the progress of Minnesota’s electric utilities’ compliance with the Minnesota Renewable Energy Objective. This report is prepared for the Minnesota Legislature once every two years.

Renewable Energy Standard Annual Utility Reports

Minnesota utilities are required to report annually on RPS compliance. These reports are posted on the Minnesota Department of Commerce's website at the link above.


Annual Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Reports

Missouri’s Public Service Commission requires four public utilities to report on RPS compliance: the Empire District Electric Company; KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company; Kansas City Power & Light Company; and Ameren Missouri. The link above provides access to the reports.


Summary of Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance - Compliance Year 2014
July 2015

The Public Service Commission of Montana produces an annual summary of RPS compliance.

Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance Reporting for 2016

Annual RPS compliance reports from Talen Energy, Montana-Dakota Utilities Co, and NorthWestern Energy, as well as other documents related to RPS compliance, are posted on the Montana Public Service Commission website.

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NV Energy Annual RPS Compliance Report for 2016
March 2017

NV Energy, a public utility, submitted this annual RPS compliance report to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.

Shell Energy Annual RPS Compliance Report for 2016
March 2017

Shell Energy, a public utility, submitted this annual RPS compliance report to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.

Exelon Annual RPS Compliance Report for 2016
April 2017

Exelon Generation Company submitted this annual RPS compliance report to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.

Tenaska Power RPS Compliance Annual Report for 2016
March 2017

Tenaska Power Services Co. submitted this RPS compliance report to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.

 New Hampshire

New Hampshire Renewable Energy Fund Annual Report
October 2016

The NH Public Utilities Commission is required by the New Hampshire RPS rules to publish an annual report. Starting with the 2014 compliance year, New Hampshire's annual compliance reports are now incorporated into the Renewable Energy Fund Annual Report.

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 New Jersey

RPS Compliance Reports

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities posts all of the RPS compliance reports and associated documents on one webpage. 

 New Mexico

El Paso Electric Company's 2017 Procurement Plan Application
May 2017

El Paso Electric Company is one of three utilities required to report on compliance with New Mexico’s RPS. This is the most recent annual report.

Public Service Company of New Mexico's Renewable Energy Portfolio Procurement Plan for 2016
June 2016

Public Service Company of New Mexico is one of three utilities required to report on compliance with New Mexico’s RPS. This is the most recent annual report.

Southwestern Public Service Company's Procurement Plan Application for 2015
July 2014 

Southwestern Public Service Company is one of three utilities required to report on compliance with New Mexico’s RPS. This is the most recent annual report.

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 New York

New York State Renewable Portfolio Standard Annual Performance Report
March 2017

New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) produces an annual report on compliance with New York’s RPS. The most recent report covers the 2016 compliance year.

 North Carolina

Annual Report Regarding Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard In North Carolina
October 2016

North Carolina’s Utilities Commission produces an annual report on North Carolina’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard.

 North Dakota

Renewable and Recycled Energy Objectives

North Dakota does not have a mandatory RPS, but the North Dakota Public Service Commission publishes information that utilities submit detailing their actions to achieve renewable and recycled energy objectives.

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Renewable Portfolio Standard Report – 2015
May 2017

This report was written for the Ohio General Assembly by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio for the 2015 compliance year.

Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Reports, 2015

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio publishes all submitted reports from utilities on an annual basis.


Oklahoma Corporation Commission's 2016 Report on the Oklahoma Energy Security Act
June 2016

This report is in compliance with the Energy Security Act, which is the law that establishes a non-binding goal that 15% of all installed electric generation capacity within Oklahoma be generated from renewable energy sources.

Electric Utilities' Annual Reports

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission provides links to each utility’s parent page; from each parent page a link to the Annual Report is accessible where details about electricity generation are provided.


RPS Compliance Reports

PacifiCorp, Portland General Electric, and the Eugene Water & Electric Board submit RPS compliance reports each year. Annual reports for the 2015 compliance year have been posted on the Oregon Department of Energy's website.

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2015 Annual Report, Alternative Energy Standards Act of 2004
September 2016

The Public Utilities Commission of Pennsylvania publishes an annual report on Pennsylvania’s compliance with the Alternative Energy Standard Act of 2004.

 Puerto Rico

Note: Puerto Rico's RPS was enacted in 2010. Compliance for this standard began in 2015. The RPS requirements apply to all retail electric providers of 50,000 MWh or more per year; however, the Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority or PREPA) is the only retail electric provider in Puerto Rico that currently meets that definition. The newly created Commonwealth Energy Public Policy Office will be responsible for overseeing RPS implementation.

Fortieth Annual Report on the Electric Property of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority
June 2013

Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority is required to produce an annual report; within the report is renewable energy generation information.

 Rhode Island

Annual RES Compliance Report for Compliance Year 2015
June 2017

Rhode Island’s Public Utilities Commission publishes an annual report on Rhode Island’s compliance with the state’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES).

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 South Dakota

South Dakota's Renewable, Recycled and Conserved Energy Objective: Report for Calendar Year 2015
December 2016

The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission submitted this report to the Legislature.

Renewable and Recycled Energy Objective Annual Reports

Under the voluntary state renewable and recycled energy objective for retail providers of electricity, all providers must file an annual report. The Public Utilities Commission posts the provider's annual reports at the link above.


ERCOT's 2015 Annual Report on the Texas Renewable Energy Credit Trading Program

This report, produced by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), details compliance with the state's REC program.

Quarterly / Annual Renewable Energy Generation in Texas by Technology Type

This website shows the total amount of renewable energy produced every quarter of each year.


Current and Proposed Utility-scale Renewable Energy Facilities in the State of Utah
September 2016

This document shows the actual and proposed renewable energy facilities in the State of Utah. This document is produced by the Utah Geological Survey as part of the Utah Energy and Mineral Statistics data repository. It is updated periodically.

Energy Initiatives & Imperatives: Utah's 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan
February 2014

This is the official energy plan of Governor Gar R. Herbert. Although there are no mandatory production standards or benchmarks, the state plans to encourage utilities to produce 20% of their energy from renewables by 2025.

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Vermont Renewable Energy Standard and Standard Offer Program Report
March 2017

The Vermont General Assembly requires the Public Service Department to submit a biennial report addressing renewable energy programs in the state (30 V.S.A. § 8005b(c)). This report addresses retail sales, requirements of the Renewable Energy Standard (RES), progress toward meeting RES targets, implementation of the Standard Offer program, market conditions for renewable energy, and retail electric rates. Appendix 3 includes information on utility progress towards RES compliance.


Dominion Virginia Power's Annual Report to the State Corporation Commission on Renewable Energy
November 2016

This report was submitted by Virginia Electric and Power Company, aka Dominion Virginia Power, for the 2015 compliance year.

Appalachian Power's Annual Report on Renewable Energy, 2015
October 2016

This report is from Appalachian Power, one of two investor-owned utilities required to report to the Public Utilities Commission. This report is for compliance year 2015.


EIA Utility Reports

Each electric utility subject to the Energy Independence Act (EIA) is required to submit a report to the Washington Department of Commerce by June 1 on its progress in meeting the targets for conservation and renewable energy under the EIA. EIA utility reports for 2012 through 2017 are posted here.

2017 Biennial Energy Report and State Energy Strategy Update
December 2016

The Washington Department of Commerce State Energy Office produces a biennial report on the state’s overall energy use.

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Wisconsin Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance

Program website with access to RPS compliance reports submitted to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.