RPS Events and Webinars


March 10, 2014 1:00pm — 2:00pm EST

RPS Collaborative Webinar: Renewable Thermal in RPS

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) is hosting an upcoming webinar on renewable thermal in RPS for CESA's State-Federal RPS Collaborative.

May 9, 2014 1:00pm — 2:00pm EDT

RPS Collaborative Webinar: Altering the Load Shape to Accommodate More Solar and Wind

In this webinar, Jim Lazar, Senior Advisor to the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) will discuss 10 low-carbon strategies to address load shape.

June 26, 2014 1:00pm — 2:00pm EDT

Implications of EPA’s CO2 Regulations for State Renewable Energy Programs and RPSs

This webinar will explore the EPA’s proposed rule to regulate carbon dioxide under section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act, which potentially impacts states’ renewable energy programs and policies, including renewable portfolio standards (RPSs).

September 5, 2014 1:00pm — 2:00pm EDT

CESA and RPS Collaborative Webinar: Solar Trends

This webinar will feature presentations on two important recent reports that highlight solar trends.

September 22 - 23, 2014

2014 National Summit on RPS - September 22-23 - Washington, DC

Attending the 2014 National Summit on RPS is the best way to learn about developments and trends related to state RPSs and to network with many of the people from across the country who are most engaged in implementing and analyzing state RPSs.

October 15, 2014 2:00pm — 3:00pm EDT

RPS Webinar: Ending the Solar Tug of War: Can There Be Common Ground on Net Metering?

This webinar will explore whether there are policy approaches that can gain broad support by simultaneously supporting continued vigorous solar development and protecting utilities’ core interests.

November 6, 2014 1:00pm — 2:00pm EDT

RPS Collaborative Webinar: A Status Update on Renewable Portfolio Standards

This webinar will repeat a popular session from the recent RPS Summit, where Galen Barbose reviewed the overall status of RPSs around the country, including data on RPS compliance, costs, and generation capacity resulting from RPSs.

December 10, 2014 1:00pm — 2:00pm ET

RPS Collaborative Webinar: Tracking Systems and Section 111(d) State Plans

In this webinar, Lars Kvale of APX summarized and discussed his recent report “Using Tracking Systems with the Implementation of Section 111(d) State Plans."