ITAC Unified List of Wind Turbines

Clean energy programs and utilities wishing to use the ITAC list as the basis for incentive or other funding eligibility must be participants in ITAC. Joining ITAC gives members access to the decision justifications for evaluated turbines and detailed product information provided by the manufacturers not found elsewhere. A list of participating incentive programs can be found on the Participating programs page.

Use of the ITAC list of wind turbines by nonparticipating organizations is not permitted.

DISCLAIMER: Neither CESA nor the individual members of ITAC endorses any of the wind turbines contained in this Unified List. This list has been made available to give ITAC-member programs a basis on which to provide their incentives. ITAC makes no claims about any listed turbine’s durability, reliability, safety, acoustic emissions, performance, efficiency, or suitability. Conversely, turbines not included on the list are not implied to be unsuitable or defective in any way.

Small Wind Turbines

The list below contains turbines that have been fully certified to the American Wind Energy Association’s small wind turbine performance and safety standard, version 9.1 (2009) or have met Microgeneration Certification Scheme requirements for small turbines. In addition, these turbines have been fully vetted by ITAC and additionally meet ITAC’s warranty and business performance criteria. Any exceptions are noted below.

New IRS rules for qualifying for the 30% federal investment tax credit require turbines to meet either AWEA 9.1 or IEC 61400-1, 61400-12, and 61400-11. The best way to show conformance to the IRS requirements is through certification. Turbines denoted with a "+" indicate that they meet IRS requirements.


Rated Power at 11m/s

Rated Annual Energy at
5 m/s
(As certified by the SWCC or MCS, unless otherwise noted)

Rotor Diameter

Certifications and Summary Reports

Bergey Excel 6 +


9,920 kWh6.2m
(20.2 ft)
SWCC to AWEA 9.1

Bergey Excel 10 +

8.9 kW

13,800 kWh

(23 ft)

SWCC to AWEA 9.1

Eveready Kestrel e400nb +2.5 kW3930 kWh  4m   (13.1 ft)

SWCC to AWEA 9.1

Eocycle Technologies
EO25 +

28.9kW70.06 MWh15.81m (51.87ft)

AWEA 9.1 by SGS, S.A.U. 

Skystream 3.7 + 2.1 kW3,420 kWh


(12 ft)

SWCC to AWEA 9.1


10.4 kW16,000 kWh


(23.6 ft)

SWCC to AWEA 9.1

*These turbines have not yet achieved full certification to AWEA 9.1.

The '+' indicates that these turbines meet the new IRS requirements for qualifying for the ITC.

Medium WindTurbines


Power at 11m/s

Rotor Diameter

Test Reports and Additional Information

Vergnet GEV MP

242.8 kW32m

Link to product brochure

Link to product brochure

MP-C Acoustic Report

MP-R Acoustic Report

MP Power Curve and AEP

More Information

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(August 2019)