Request for Qualifications for Techincal Assistance for the Interstate Turbine Advisory Council

January 20, 2012

by Lizzie Rubado

The Clean Energy States Alliance Interstate Turbine Advisory Council, LLC (“ITAC”) is establishing a unified list of small and mid‐sized wind energy systems that meet the performance, reliability, acoustic, and warranty service expectations of incentive providers. This RFQ seeks to identify a pool of qualified technical assistance contractors (“Contractors”) to assist with the evaluation of wind turbine systems for inclusion on this list. Contractors selected through this RFQ may be requested to evaluate wind energy system designs, performance, test results and certification, research wind turbine operational and warranty service history, and provide other technical assistance services for ITAC. Contractors will be selected for the pool based on their submission to this RFQ. It is anticipated that multiple consultants may be selected for the pool.

Categories: Wind

Resource Type: Reports

Project: Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC)