CESA Projects

CESA's projects are designed to address cross-cutting clean energy program challenges and opportunities facing its state members, including:

  • Mainstreaming solar, wind, energy storage, renewable thermal, and biomass technologies, policies, and financing.
  • Making RPS laws work.
  • Advancing offshore, marine energy, fuel cell, energy storage, and emerging clean energy technologies and regulatory frameworks.
  • Making clean energy a strategy for state economic development and job creation.
  • Advancing cutting-edge financing tools and strategies to allow states to maximize the leveraging power and longevity of their clean energy funds.


The driving force behind CESA's efforts is collaboration - that common issues facing clean energy market development often can be addressed most effectively through collective state action and pooling of joint state resources, with unique, creative solutions resulting from this collaborative approach.

Value Proposition

CESA's value proposition to its members is delivery of quality information and assistance at lower cost than if pursued on an individual basis by a single state fund. CESA projects allow for consensus-building and standardization among and across the states to strengthen collective efforts to support clean energy.

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The CESA Brief

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