CESA's strength lies in its members, both Core members and Affiliate members, which comprise the most advanced, innovative, and effective organizations in the nation for deploying public funds and advancing effective policies to support clean energy. CESA is the only organization that represents the collective voice and interests of the public clean energy programs in the United States. Since its establishment in 2002, CESA has successfully worked with its members to solve common clean energy deployment problems, improve program design, and foster information sharing. Collectively, the state and municipal clean energy programs - CESA's Core members - are able to frame and address key issues facing clean energy market development by working with federal agencies, regulators, industry participants and the national media.

CESA has one overriding purpose: to use the collective power of its network of public clean energy programs to create practical solutions that can only come from multi-party, collaborative initiatives. CESA's value proposition is its ability to serve as a forum for peer-to-peer learning and to advance collective problem solving among the leading clean energy programs in the country.

CESA offers both Core Membership and Affilliate Membership provides each member with a suite of services including:

  • Exclusive, collegial communication opportunities through members-only two-way listserv, monthly best practice update calls, and focused in-person meetings designed to provide up-to-date insighs and recommendations on how to create smart and sophisticated clean energy program offerings and financial tools.
  • Tailored consulting services involving analysis, strategic advice, and case studies addressing priority issues.
  • Representation to stakeholders, policymakers, and political leaders of member priorities as well as facilitation of cooperative funding and deployment projects between these organizations and our members.

More details on these services and other benefits of membership are available here.

Membership information is available here, where you'll also find an application for membership.