Vermont’s Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) achieved great success in 2013 with its Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program (SSREI).

In 2013, Vermont continued to see exponential growth in PV net metered system permits, as shown in the graph below.

Vermont saw continued rapid deployment of new PV systems in 2013, even as it continued to ramp down its rebate system. The SSREI Program has lowered incentives tenfold since it began, from $2.50/watt in 2004 down to just $0.25/watt today.

The graph below shows that despite lowering incentive amounts and limiting eligibility to just residential systems under 10kW, Vermont is still seeing an increase in solar deployment.

The reason the SSREIP shows only 545 installations and the permits show 1,000 is twofold:

1. SSREIP is actual installations and not just permits issued

2. The SSREIP  is limited to smaller systems. The limit was 60kW at the beginning of 2013 and ended at 10kW.

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