CEFIA Announces Selection of Communities for Second Phase of Group Purchasing Program

Rocky Hill, Conn., January 17, 2013 — In less than five months, Solarize Connecticut (Program) drove twice as much adoption of residential solar in four pilot communities as those towns had seen in the last seven years. The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA), The John Merck Fund, and SmartPower partnered to develop this innovative program that leverages community outreach to simplify the process of installing solar and the power of group purchasing to deliver discounts on the cost of a typical solar installation. Solarize Connecticut is part of the Energize Connecticut initiative which is intended to help consumers save money and use clean energy.

Durham, Fairfield, Portland, and Westport all reached the lowest price level available through the program by successfully encouraging enough town residents to participate. As more homeowners signed up to install solar through purchase or lease agreements, the price for everyone went down – including those who installed systems earlier in the program before the maximum savings kicked in. The four municipalities collectively achieved almost 300 signed contracts as a result of the Program effort.

Building on the success of the four initial communities, CEFIA has announced that the second phase of the program will begin in early March and will include Bridgeport, Canton, Coventry and a community partnership between Mansfield and Windham.

“The community leaders working with local installers devoted incredible energy to Solarize Connecticut to help contract approximately 2.3 MWs of new residential solar and more than double the amount of solar deployed prior to the Program in each town. By achieving the lowest tier of pricing, hundreds of local homeowners were able to benefit from discounted access to clean solar energy,” said Bryan Garcia, president and CEO of CEFIA. “We expect that we will achieve similar success as we begin the next phase of this innovative program with new communities and their dedicated volunteers. The success we are realizing through this initiative is helping CEFIA meet its larger goal of deploying 30MW of new residential solar over the next decade by reducing costs and making the process easier for consumers.”

Each of the communities selected for phase two of the program will work with CEFIA to select the solar installer who will partner with them on the project. Communities will consider the tiered pricing offered by the installers as well as the quality of their workmanship, materials, project management experience and marketing plans. A Request for Proposals (RFP) has been issued and eligible solar installation companies have until January 28, 2013 to submit their proposals to CEFIA for consideration.

Once the installers have been selected for each community, additional details about pricing, leasing options, and program participation will be announced. In the meantime, residents residing in any of the phase two communities can visit www.solarizect.com to sign up to receive more information as it becomes available.

Reaction from Local Leaders

Town of Durham

“Durham is very pleased to have been part of the successful pilot program offered by Solarize Connecticut. The model allowed us to reach the lowest price level available, saving residents money and helping the environment. The Solarize Connecticut program was a gratifying community-building experience.” - Laura Francis, First Selectman, Town of Durham

Town of Fairfield

“I applaud Fairfield residents for participating in this beneficial pilot program. This innovative program has not only reduced the cost of solar installations by as much as 20 percent, but has also supported our ongoing commitment to a more sustainable future for our community.” - Mike Tetreau, First Selectman, Town of Fairfield

Town of Portland

“Our community is thrilled with the results from Solarize Connecticut’s innovative program. With Portland residents’ commitment, we were able to maximize savings for our community, while promoting a ground-breaking solar campaign. We would like to thank CEFIA, Smart Power, the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program, Portland Clean Energy Commission, Portland's "solar residents" and all those involved with this very successful program!" - Susan Bransfield, First Selectman, Town of Portland

Town of Westport

“The Town of Westport was pleased to be part of the successful Solarize Connecticut pilot project. The participation of Westport homeowners further underscores our community’s commitment to clean energy.” - Gordon Joseloff, First Selectman, Town of Westport

City of Bridgeport

“Reducing Bridgeport’s carbon footprint and making the City the cleanest and greenest in the region is my top priority. We are excited that Bridgeport was selected to participate in Solarize Connecticut and look forward to providing our residents with the opportunity to reduce their energy costs while also making Bridgeport a cleaner place to live. The City has received more than 600 requests from residents looking to learn more about solar energy, and we’re happy this opportunity is available to our community.” - Mayor Bill Finch, City of Bridgeport

Town of Canton

“The potential for Canton residents to realize savings through Solarize Connecticut made participating in the pilot program an obvious choice for Canton. We are excited to be a part of the program, which will provide Canton residents with the opportunity to install solar in a simple and affordable manner.” - Richard Barlow, First Selectman, Town of Canton

Town of Coventry

“Coventry is delighted to take part in the next phase of the Solarize Connecticut program. Solarize Connecticut will reduce barriers to residents interested in installing solar. We are eager to help our homeowners learn about this innovative program.”- Town Manager John A. Elsesser, Town of Coventry

Town of Mansfield

“Solarize Connecticut is providing Mansfield residents with a unique opportunity to participate in a group purchasing program for solar installations. We look forward to building on the program’s past success to help residents in Mansfield, and in our partner community of Windham, realize the benefits of clean energy.” - Matthew Hart, Town of Mansfield

Town of Windham

“We appreciate the opportunity to take part in the next phase of the innovative Solarize Connecticut program. Windham residents are eager to showcase our commitment to clean energy, and we are excited to work cooperatively with the Town of Mansfield to bring even more clean energy to our corner of the state.” - Mayor Ernie Eldridge, Town of Windham


Contact: David Goldberg, Director, Government and External RelationsClean Energy Finance and Investment Authority

Phone: (860) 257-2889



Contact: David Goldberg 

Director, Government and External Relations

Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority

Phone:  (860) 257-2889

Contact: David Goldberg

Director, Government and External Relations

Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority

Phone: (860) 257-2889