SMUD Board recognizes energy-conscious commercial customer

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is honoring the city of Sacramento for making a commitment to reduce energy consumption and promote environmental protection by implementing energy efficiency measures and emerging technologies.

The SMUD Community Energy Award honors commercial customers who share SMUD’s values of efficiency and environmental sensitivity, and who have turned these beliefs into actions. These customers have controlled their energy usage, improved their bottom line, and reduced the amount of energy that must be generated for our region. This award recognizes the achievement of the city of Sacramento’s participation in SMUD’s commercial energy efficiency programs. The city completed an aggressive energy efficiency strategy that resulted in improvements in eight of the city’s parking garages. 

The city replaced all its metal-halide and high-pressure sodium vapor lighting fixtures in its parking garages with more energy-efficient LED fixtures. LED fixtures offer many benefits including reduced maintenance costs as a result of their longer lamp lives; the ability to power down during unoccupied periods; a cleaner and whiter light for improved visibility; and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The city also installed variable speed drives in the swimming pools pumps and climate control system at the Sam Pannell Community Center as well as additional variable speed drives at the Central Library.

As a result of these projects, the city will reduce its annual energy consumption by nearly 470 kilowatts and 4 million kilowatt-hours (kWh), resulting in an annual cost savings of nearly $480,000. Environmentally, these improvements reduce annual carbon emissions by more than 2,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This is roughly the equivalent of removing more than 500 cars from the road, or planting more than 70,000 trees.

“The city of Sacramento is an excellent example of a SMUD customer doing its part to help our community by reducing its energy use,” said Rob Kerth, SMUD Ward 5 Director. “SMUD is here to help more customers follow the city of Sacramento’s lead and take advantage of SMUD programs that can help them save money and benefit the entire community.”

The city of Sacramento is SMUD’s third-largest customer with more than 1,500 accounts and annual energy use in excess of 118 million kWh. Founded in 1849, Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in the state of California. To be eligible for the SMUD Community Energy Award, commercial customers must share SMUD’s strategic directives in environmental protection and efficient energy use. The customers also incorporate the innovative use of emerging or new energy technologies. One customer is chosen in each of the seven SMUD Board wards.

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