Transparency within the Maryland electricity choice market gets a boost with the partnership announced between the Maryland Clean Energy Center and ClearlyEnergy. By offering consumers and businesses an easier way to compare electricity supply plans, Maryland residents will be empowered to make smarter energy choices. Switching to Clean Energy is now just three clicks away!

The Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) is committed to helping Marylanders understand electric choice and the many electric supply options they have. To help consumers make informed decisions, MCEC has partnered with Annapolis based energy comparison platform ClearlyEnergy. The newly opened page on MCEC's web site offers an easy way to compare side-by-side and transparently the features of the electricity supply plans available to Maryland residents.

"Because Maryland consumers have the option to choose what kind of power they use, we would encourage them to choose renewable energy for at least a part of their contract for electricity supply," said I. Katherine Magruder, Executive Director of the Maryland Clean Energy Center. "The web interface provides helpful information to assist and protect consumers but, we are excited about the link to ClearlyEnergy because now they can shop options and prices available by regulated providers comparatively -- just by plugging in their zip code!"

ClearlyEnergy's comparison platform can be accessed directly from a dedicated page ( on the Maryland Clean Energy Center website.

"We're thrilled to partner with the Maryland Clean Energy Center to bring transparency to Marylanders' energy choices. We hope this platform makes access to clean renewable electricity a more obvious choice for more households," notes VĂ©ronique Bugnion, co-founder of ClearlyEnergy.

Although retail electricity choice is gaining traction across Maryland, with over a quarter of households choosing to receive electric supply from a supplier other than their utility, many households remain confused about what constitutes a reasonable offer and are afraid to fall in a marketing trap. The ClearlyEnergy platform untangles this confusion by comparing the price, renewable characteristics and terms and conditions of each offer. The platform also assigns accolades to the providers that distinguish them in consumer sentiment surveys and through their involvement in the community.

Most importantly, ClearlyEnergy has built a simple "Go Green" button to easily access the electric supply plans with enhanced renewable power content. For simple comparison, each plan is listed with the greenhouse gas emissions avoided converted into an equivalent number of trees planted. One local provider with a number of renewable electricity offers on the platform, which distinguishes itself with a gold medal rating from ClearlyEnergy is Washington Gas Energy Services.

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