Much of the energy used to heat water is lost as the heated water flows down the drain. Waste water energy recovery (WWER) projects aim to re-capture some of that wasted energy to heat buildings and to use the waste water as a heat sink for cooling loads, similar to a ground-source heat pump using groundwater to heat and cool buildings.

Mass DOER has allocated funds from 2011 Alternative Compliance Payments to support WWER projects in the Commonwealth. The WWER Program goal is to demonstrate innovative applications of this energy technology and to document the resulting energy and cost savings. DOER’s Renewable Energy and Green Communities Divisions are seeking proposals to support WWER technical assistance studies and demonstration or full-scale WWER projects. This program will award only proposals that are recovering energy from a public waste water system. A total of $1 million is available under this grant program. Please see additional program eligibility criteria and grant details in the application, available at (PON-ENE-2014-025) and on DOER's Grants and Contracts webpage.

Source: MassDOER