The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center commissioned a report to study whether home values were affected by proximity to wind turbines. An analysis of more than 122,000 Massachusetts home sales between 1998 and 2012 found no statistically-significant evidence that proximity to a wind turbine affects home values.

Methodology and Key Findings:

  • Study analyzed more than 122,000 Massachusetts homes sales between 1998 and 2012.
  • Home sales analyzed were within five miles of current or future locations of 41 wind turbines across the Commonwealth.
  • The study found that homes close to turbines sold as frequently as homes farther away.
  • The study also compared (see chart below) the relationship between wind turbines and residential home values to those of factors previously shown to affect home prices, including high-voltage transmission lines, landfills, highways, protected open space and proximity to beachfront.


For more information:

Read the full report here

Read FAQs about this study

View slides from a webinar hosted by MassCEC with the study's authors, who have answered questions about the study's methodology and sources. 

Source: MassCEC