The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has released its new proposal to overhaul the state's solar incentive program. The proposed program, Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART), would replace the current SREC program. This new incentive program will lower costs for ratepayers, and provide stability for project developers by letting them know what their incentives will be for a long term period of 10-20 years. The program is structured so that smaller commercial and residential projects will get higher subsidies than larger commercial projects. Low-income and public benefit projects will also get better rates, as will projects built on land that can't be used for another purpose, such as brownfields, landfills, rooftops, or parking lot canopies, and projects paired with energy storage. Several solar advocacy groups released a joint press release in support of the proposed program. The current SREC program will continue through the end of the year while the SMART program goes through the state approval process. Read more here.