This year in review describes many of MEA’s achievements in 2012. But MEA’s successes span many years and will collectively save Marylanders billions of dollars.

Here are some of MEA’s top accomplishments:

  • MEA helped usher in the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, a cutting edge energy efficiency package designed to save Marylanders money while saving the environment. In total, the EmPOWER Maryland programs have saved more than $3.7 billion dollars in lifetime energy costs.
  • MEA’s work was critical in the 2011 Exelon/Constellation merger negotiations that ultimately infused Maryland with more than $1 billion in investments while creating 6,000 jobs. Furthermore, MEA’s Generating Clean Horizons Initiative used public/partnerships to build 78 MW of new solar and wind generation.
  • Ranked only 47th in 2007, Maryland is now considered a top 10 state for energy efficiency. It is also recognized as a top 10 state for solar, while Baltimore is ranked by Ford Motor Company as one of America’s top 25 EV-ready cities.
  • In 2006, Maryland had just 0.1 MW of solar on its grid. Now, it has 77 MW. Thanks to aggressive solar energy policies, including the Renewable Portfolio Standard, Maryland has 2,000 more well-paying solar industry jobs, up from practically zero just a few years ago.
  • Since 2007, MEA has made grants to households all over the state for renewable energy systems that often reduce a family’s energy bills to close to zero. In 2012 alone, MEA issued 2,385 grants that will help Marylanders save more $32.5 million in energy costs over 15 years.

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