The town of Hempstead, NY commissioned a Northern Power 100-kilowatt (kW) wind turbine to provide power to Long Island's only hydrogen-fueling station, where hydrogen fuel is generated on-site with an electrolyzer. The Northern Power 100 kW wind turbine (NP100-21), one of the first medium-sized turbines to be approved for the CESA Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC) Unified List.

The turbine installation was recently noted in a Wind Powering America case study as having survived Hurricane Sandy and that the electricity generated by the turbine is expected to bring an annual estimated annual energy cost savings of $40,000 to the New York town of Hempstead and the Long Island Power Authority.  Excess energy generated by the turbine will be returned to the LIPA grid. In its first year, the turbine’s total energy production was approximately 225,000 kWh, despite one-month of down time related to grid issues. 

You can read Wind Powering America’s case study of the Hempstead turbine here: