Energy-saving programs and services support a stronger economy and a cleaner environment

PORTLAND, Ore. — October 24, 2012 — In the 10 years since Energy Trust of Oregon began offering resources, technical assistance and financial incentives to help utility customers invest in energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects, participants have saved more than $1 billion on their energy bills. The energy and bill savings will continue year after year at nearly 438,000 homes, commercial and public buildings, and industrial and agricultural facilities around the state.

“This has been a decade of difference,” said Margie Harris, executive director, Energy Trust. “From the shop floor to the board room to the dinner table, Oregonians are learning how to use energy differently and are seeing immediate benefits. Together with customers, local trade ally contractors and our affiliated utilities, we’re helping build a different, better and more sustainable Oregon."

In addition to helping industrial, commercial and residential customers trim their utility bills, throughout its first decade of service Energy Trust has contributed to Oregon’s economy, protected the environment and helped utilities deliver energy to customers at the lowest possible cost.

Delivering effective services and value for ratepayers An independent, nonprofit organization, Energy Trust began operation in March 2002. Energy Trust has helped Oregon customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power save and generate 426 average megawatts of electricity. It has helped Oregon customers of NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas, and Washington customers of NW Natural, save 23.2 million annual therms of natural gas. These savings are equivalent to the energy needed to power all Portland homes for one and one-half years and heat all Pendleton homes for seven years.

Utilities rely on Energy Trust savings from efficiency to meet future energy needs for their customers at a lower cost. For every $1 Energy Trust invested in energy efficiency from 2002–2011, ratepayers will save nearly $4 in costs utilities would have incurred to provide the same amount of energy from other, more costly resources.

Greater economic benefits for Oregon Energy Trust has invested $684 million in program delivery, incentives, technical assistance, trade ally contractor training, quality control and assurance and outreach activities to help utility customers put clean energy projects into action.

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