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The Solar Foundation has released its annual solar jobs report with data from 2016, and as in previous years, CESA member states are leading the country in creating and sustaining solar jobs.

Some highlights from 2016:

  • California has the most solar jobs of any state by far, at 100,050. Massachusetts comes in second with 14,582. New York is also in the top ten, with 5,135 solar jobs.
  • Massachusetts leads the way in solar jobs per capita, with Vermont, California, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Maryland, and Rhode Island all in the top ten.
  • The number of solar jobs in Alaska grew 93.9% since 2015.
  • Vermont has the most solar jobs held by women at 47.8%, followed closely by New Mexico at 45.4%.

The USA overall experienced a 25% increase in solar jobs over 2015, with a total of 260,077 solar workers. Solar jobs have increased at least 20% per year in the past four years. One out of every 50 new jobs added in the United States in 2016 was created by the solar industry, representing 2% percent of all new jobs. Read more here.