California Energy Commission - New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) Program, Fifth Edition, Final Adopted Guidebook (2012) adopted September 12, 2012.

Below are the major changes in this edition of the New Solar Homes Partnership Guidebook as compared with the January 2012 4th edition of the NSHP Guidebook:

General Program Changes:

  • During the payment process, if the applicant submits a complete interconnection package to its utility interconnection department on or before the NSHP reservation expiration date, the applicant is provided 90 days after the reservation expiration date to complete the Expected Performanceā€Based Incentive (EPBI) Documentation, Energy Efficiency Documentation, and System Interconnection with Utility Grid.
  • The program administrator will verify the system generation allocation percentages for virtual net metering systems during the payment process.
  • Revises NSHP application forms.


(PDF file, 90 pgs., 1 megabyte)