Upcoming Events

September 27, 2017 1:00pm — 2:00pm ET

Energy Storage for Rural Affordable Housing: The McKnight Lane Redevelopment Project

This webinar will provide operational and economic updates on the McKnight Lane Redevelopment Project, a rural solar+storage affordable housing project that has been in operation since October 2016.

October 6, 2017 12:00pm — 2:00pm ET

Low and Moderate Income Solar Policy and Principles, Part 1

This is the first in a two-part webinar course on low and moderate income solar policy and principles. Speakers from CESA and PaulosAnalysis will present.

October 12, 2017 2:00pm — 3:00pm ET

Factors Influencing Public Support for RPSs

A recent article in Nature Energy examines various factors that influence whether the public supports a state RPS and other renewable energy policies. In this webinar, Leah Stokes, one of the article’s two authors, will discuss her findings and their implications.

October 13, 2017 1:00pm — 2:15pm ET

Income Verification for Low-Income Solar Programs

In this webinar, speakers from the California Department of Community Services and Development, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will discuss their income verification processes for low-income solar programs.

October 17, 2017 8:00am — 3:00pm MT

Workshop on Solar for Public and Affordable Housing

CESA is offering a special full-day workshop on deploying solar for public and affordable housing. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) 2017 Annual Conference on October 14th-17th in Denver, CO.

October 19, 2017 1:00pm — 2:00pm ET

Follow-Up Discussion on Income Verification for LMI Solar Programs

This interactive webinar discussion is a follow-up to CESA's 10/13 webinar, "Income Verification for Low-Income Solar Programs." This webinar is open to state and municipal officials only.

October 26, 2017 1:00pm — 2:15pm ET

Colorado’s Low-Income Community Solar Demonstration Project

In this webinar, guest speakers from the Colorado Energy Office, Lotus Engineering and Sustainability, and NREL will describe and evaluate the Low-Income Community Solar Demonstration Project, which provides over 1 MW of electricity and serves over 300 low-income Coloradans.

November 7 - 8, 2017

2017 National Summit on RPS

The 2017 National Summit on RPS will take place on Tuesday, November 7 and Wednesday, November 8 in Arlington, Virginia at the Westin Crystal City Hotel. The Summit is hosted by CESA, with generous financial support from the Energy Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy.

November 17, 2017 12:00pm — 2:00pm ET

Low and Moderate Income Solar Policy and Principles, Part 2

This is the second in a two-part webinar course on low and moderate income solar policy and principles. Speakers from CESA and Vote Solar will present.

Recent Events

September 19, 2017 2:00pm — 3:00pm ET

Identifying Potential Markets for Commercial Behind-the-Meter Battery Storage

Report authors Joyce McLaren (NREL) and Seth Mullendore (Clean Energy Group) presented the findings of the first comprehensive public analysis detailing the potential size of the commercial behind-the-meter battery storage market in the United States.

September 6, 2017 1:00pm — 2:00pm ET

U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards: 2017 Annual Status Report

Lead author Galen Barbose presented the key findings of LBNL's newly released report, "U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards: 2017 Annual Status Report."

August 3, 2017 2:00pm — 3:00pm ET

SolarResilient: A New Tool for Resilient Solar+Storage Design

In this webinar, Jessica Tse (San Francisco Department of the Environment) and Russell Carr (Arup) introduced and demonstrated a first-of-its-kind, publicly-available online tool for optimizing the size of solar+storage systems.

June 28, 2017 1:00pm — 2:00pm ET

RPS Webinar: When Renewable Portfolio Standards Max Out

Many state renewable portfolio standard (RPS) policies will reach their peak requirement over the next few years. In this webinar, guest speaker Ed Holt discusses what could happen to state RPSs when they max out, and what options the states have when, and if, they begin to plan for the end of RPS in their states.

June 22, 2017 1:00pm — 2:00pm ET

Consumer Protections for Community Solar

This webinar discussed consumer protection issues that may arise in community solar projects for residential consumers, and the role states play in ensuring appropriate consumer protections.