Below is a list of press coverage of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA). For news and updates on CESA's member organizations, please visit our Member News page. 


6 Recommendations for Bringing Solar Power to Low-Income Households
Bentham Paulos, Future Structure, 7/18/2017

5 Ways States Are Accelerating Renewable Energy
Dana Drugmand, The Energy Collective, 7/11/2017

Advancing Clean Energy at the State Level — An Imperative 
Dana Drugmand, Renewable Energy World, 6/8/2017

Reliant 'smart house' tests the future of electrical usage
Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle, 4/25/2017

Will CT catch or miss the boat on offshore wind energy?
Jan Ellen Spiegel, CT Mirror, 3/30/2017

Michigan and Illinois Raise Their Renewable Portfolio Standards
Kat Friedrich, Yale Clean Energy Finance Forum, 3/14/2017

Words matter in solar: Defining key energy terms
Kelsey Misbrener, Solar Power World, 3/1/2017


Can NYSERDA Make Offshore Wind Projects in the US More Like Europe’s?
Katherine Tweed, Greentech Media, 12/13/2016

Some Midwestern GOP Governors Appear To Back Renewable Energy
Dawn Reeves, InsideEPA/Climate, 12/12/2016

Massachusetts Goes All-In on Energy Storage
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Renewable Energy World, 9/21/2016

Massachusetts earmarks 600MW of storage by 2025 for $800 million in cost savings
James Blackman, Energy Storage News, 9/21/2016

Massachusetts to Offer $10-$20M in Energy Storage Grants this Fall
Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge, 9/19/2016

Clean Energy Incentive Program Marches Along Despite Clean Power Plan Stay
Carsten deWolff, The Energy Collective, 7/13/2016

California Energy Commission receives leadership award for New Solar Homes Partnership
Solar Server, 6/16/2016

State irrigation program receives national conservation award
Wallowa County Chieftain, 6/28/2016

Six States Awarded by the Clean Energy States Alliance for Innovative Solar, Energy Projects
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews, 6/16/2016

States may want RPS tweaks for climate rule
Emily Holden, Governor's Wind & Solar Energy Coalition, 6/14/2016

Farmers Conservation Alliance irrigation program recognized
Hood River News, 7/5/2016

Department of Energy’s SunShot awards CESA $568,000 for solar development
Jessica Limardo, Daily Energy Insider, 5/20/2016

Nation's Fastest-Growing Job Isn't For Acrophobes
Jennifer Oldham, Bloomberg, 5/12/2016

Thermal Storage a Hot, Yet Debated Topic for Biomass Water Heating Industry
Jennifer Delony, Renewable Energy World, 4/11/2016

An Unexpected Renewable Energy Trend
Warren Leon, Morning Consult, 3/23/2016

Governors Launch a New Offensive in the Fight for Clean Energy
Julian Spector, CityLab, 2/17/2016

Community solar gardens set to boom in 2016
Penn Energy, 1/7/2016

EWEB tests microgrids in preparation for potential changes in how it serves customers
Christian Hill, The Register-Guard, 1/2/2016


Oregon Energy Storage Demonstration Project Launches With State-Federal-NGO Partnership
Glenn Meyers, Green Building Elements, 12/20/2015

Oregon Energy Storage Demonstration Project Launches With State-Federal-NGO Partnership
Glenn Meyers, Green Building Elements, 12/20/2015

Wastewater treatment plant cleans up awards for renewable energy generation
Synergy (Energy Trust of Oregon Blog), 11/12/2015

Public Power Weekly Exclusive: Customer ownership in community solar could mean more savings
Laura D'Alessandro, Public Power Daily, 10/9/2015

Q&A: How the Clean Power Plan will impact the energy landscape
Kari Lydersen, Midwest Energy News, 10/2/2015

Can the U.S. Jump-Start Offshore Wind Power?
Camille von Kaenel, ClimateWire, 9/29/2015

Feds Fund State Efforts To Catalyze Offshore Wind
NAW Staff, North American Wind Power, 9/28/2015

Feds fund NY offshore push
reNews, 9/16/2015

IRS ruling seen as paving way for more community solar
Matt Whittaker, Energy Biz, 9/11/2015

IRS Approves Tax Credit for Community-Shared Solar Project
Cheryl Kaften, Energy Manager Today, 9/9/2015

IRS Guidance Finds Individual Community Solar Investor Qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit
Julia Pyper, GreenTech Media, 9/8/2015

IRS Guidance Will Boost Residential Solar Projects
Keith Goldberg, Law 360, 9/4/2015

IRS ruling could have significant impact for community solar projects
Paul Ciampoli, Public Power Daily, 9/4/2015

Community solar investors could qualify for federal tax credits, IRS ruling indicates
Robert Walton, Utility Dive, 9/3/2015

Solar Supporters Hope IRS Ruling Promotes Community Solar
Pat Bradley, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, 9/3/2015

IRS ruling indicates US community solar could qualify for ITC support
Andy Colthorpe, PV Tech, 9/2/2015

IRS backs investor in Westside solar farm
Wilson Ring, Associated Press, 9/2/2015

U.S. IRS allows community solar owner to access the ITC
Christian Roselund, PV Magazine, 9/2/2015

IRS Allows Community-Solar Customers to use the ITC
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews, 9/2/2015

IRS Rules Favorably on Owner’s Eligibility for Federal Tax Credit for a Community-Shared Solar Project
Foley Hoag Blog, 9/1/2015

IRS Approves Individual Tax Credit For Shared Solar Project
Matt Sharp, Law 360, 9/1/2015

Energy group says IRS ruling could promote community solar
Wilson Ring, Associated Press, 9/1/2015

Think 10th Circ. Endorses State RPS? Think Again
Harvey L. Reiter, Law 360, 8/26/2015

State Innovation is Key to Success of Clean Energy
Warren Leon, San Francisco Examiner, 7/23/2015

President Obama’s Low-Income Solar Initiative
Interview with Warren Leon, Alt Energy Mag, 7/17/2015

New Mexico Releases Solar Financing Guide For Homeowners
CleanTechnica, 7/17/2015

The Clean Energy States Alliance commends Massachusetts for solar, wind projects
Kathleen McKiernan, South Coast Today, 7/1/2015

New York Fast-Tracks Renewable Energy Development
Dave Lucas, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, 6/29/2015

New Report Applauds Rhode Island’s Clean Energy Programs
Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (Press Release), 6/25/2015

Report shows U.S. ripe with Clean Energy Champions
Barbara Vergetis Lundin, Smart Grid News, 6/24/2015

Report looks at how states are advancing clean energy, including hydro
Elizabeth Ingram, HydroWorld, 6/24/2015

Report gives first-ever comprehensive look at how states support clean energy
Dylan Borchers, Ohio Green Strategies, 6/24/2015

Connecticut’s Clean-Energy Programs Receive Praise from National Coalition
Hugh Bailey, Connecticut Post, 6/23/2015

Report Examines Post-Millennium Clean Energy Boom
Colin Wood, GovTech, 6/23/2015

Clean Energy States Alliance Report Shows how State Policy Impacts Renewable Energy
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews, 6/23/2015

New CESA Clean Energy Report Available
Joanna Schroeder, Domestic Fuel, 6/22/2015

ODOE to offer research and development funds for energy storage
Oregon Department of Energy (Press Release), 5/21/2015

Second Largest Island in U.S. Goes 100% Renewable
Laurie Guevara-Stone, Eco Watch, 5/20/2015

Homeowners would be well advised to do their homework before leasing solar equipment
David Solomon, New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/29/2015

OR wastewater treatment plant first in Northwest to achieve net-zero-energy status
Water World, 4/23/2015

Connecticut’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry to be Showcased at Premier International Trade Event in Germany
Hartford Courant, 3/17/2015

C-PACE marks successful first two years
Bridgeport News, 3/13/2015

Leading edge Vermont solar farm wins 2015 Project of Distinction Award
VermontBiz, 3/12/2016

States Reconsider Renewable Standards
Steve Curwood (host), Living on Earth, 3/6/2015

Free Homeowner's Guide to Solar Financing Available
Lisa Iannucci, Green Builder, 2/19/2015

Solar Financing Guide Explores the Ins and Outs of Leases, Loans
Scott Thill, Solar Energy, 2/17/2015

CESA Creates Solar Financing Guide for Homeowners
Solar Novus Today, 2/16/2015

Guide for prospective solar homeowners released
Jonathan Gifford, PV Magazine, 2/12/2015

Now Available: A Free Guide to Home Solar Financing Options
Chris Meehan, Solar Reviews, 2/12/2015

Project Review: 2014 CESA award-winning installations, Part II
Renewable Energy Focus, 1/20/2015

Project review: 2014 CESA installations, Part I
Renewable Energy Focus, 1/9/2015


The National Hockey League shoots for zero carbon emissions -- a goal for other sports?
Benjamin Hulac and Daniel Cusick, E&E News, 12/19/2014

Solar-powered Microgrid
Josh Castonguay (GMP), Energy Biz, December 2014

Gresham wastewater plant recognized with national award
Portland Tribune, 11/20/2014

How to Cut Carbon, Ramp up Renewable Energy, and Rebuild the Energy Sector
Mike Jacobs, Union of Concerned Scientists Blog, 9/30/2014

Historic City Makes Solar History With New Stafford Hills Solar Farm
Tina Casey, Clean Technica, 8/14/2014

Green Mountain Power begins solar-plus-battery micro-grid project in Vermont
Andy Colthorpe, PV Tech, 8/13/2014

CESA: Combining solar with energy storage the future of clean energy
Barbara Vergetis Lundin, Smart Grid News, 8/13/2014

First microgrid reliant on solar to provide backup power for Vt. town
Katherine Ling, E&E News, 8/12/2014

US State Breaks Ground on a "Perfect" Solar + Storage Microgrid that Can Provide Resilient Power
Jennifer Runyon, Renewable Energy World, 8/12/2014

Hydropower in U.S. Gets Boost from New Laws. Will Congress Do More?
Regina Cline, Bloomberg BNA Energy and Environment Blog, 1/30/2014


Solar Energy Provides Rays of Hope
Frank Carini, ecoRI News, 11/6/2013

The Energy Department Is Trying To Make Solar Panels Cheaper To Install
Emily Atkin, Think Progress, 11/6/2013

8 Things To Know About Distributed Wind Energy
EarthTechling, 8/15/2013

Making the Economic Case for Offshore Wind
Michael Conathan, Center for American Progress, 2/28/2013


Inspiring Investment
Lisa Gibson, Biomass Magazine, 6/11/2011

NJ Launches Process for Financing Offshore Wind Farms
Christa Marschall, ClimateWire, 5/17/2011



Creating Demand - How to Market Solar
Mark Sinclair, Renewable Energy Focus, 1/15/2010



Alternative energy faces power line "bottleneck" in U.S. West
Reuters, 1/21/2009

Clean Energy States Alliance's Milford makes case for federal-state partnership in stimulus
On Point - E&E TV, 1/14/2009



Mainstreaming solar PV in the USA
Mark Sinclair, Renewable Energy Focus, 1/10/2008